The  removal  of  braces  does  not  signal  the  end  of  your  orthodontic  treatment.  We  have  provided you with a fantastic new smile but it is important that you play your part after braces are removed to ensure it stays looking great!

Once braces are removed, teeth have a tendency to move back towards their original (crooked) positions. This is because the fibres in the gums around your teeth act like little rubber bands pulling the teeth back to where they once were positioned. Research has shown that teeth move throughout life, even in people who have not had orthodontic treatment.

Retention is the final stage of your orthodontic journey with us. After your braces are removed, we will provide you with either retainer wires (which are bonded to the inside of the teeth), removable retainer plates or a combination of both. It is important that you wear your retainers as we instruct you to to ensure that your teeth remain stable in their new positions as your gums adjust to having braces off.  We will see you periodically to check your retainers and smiles for two years following the removal of braces. Initially we ask that you wear your retainers all of the time, but once we are happy with the position of your teeth, we will gradually reduce the amount of time that you need to wear your retainers for.

If retainers are lost or broken, please contact our practice to arrange replacement retainers.