Small elastics placed between the back teeth before braces are placed to make space for orthodontic bands.


Rings around the back teeth that act as anchors and attachments for elastics or “rubber bands”.


Small square attachment bonded to the teeth during orthodontic treatment.


Wire that connects and moves the teeth during orthodontic treatment.

O-­rings  or modules

Small colourful (or clear) rings around the braces. These hold  the archwire and bracket together during orthodontic treatment. These get changed  at every appointment so you can choose new colours each time you see us!


Small wire ties used to do the same job as o-rings or to hold groups of teeth together during orthodontic treatment.


A series of o-­rings all joined together.

Elastics or “rubber bands”

These are sometimes used during orthodontic treatment. If you need to wear elastics, it is important that you carefully follow our  instructions. Elastics act like the petrol in a car – you need them to keep your teeth  moving! Not wearing elastics as instructed may increase your treatment time and delay  your braces being removed. New bags of elastics are available at any time from our practice.

Palatal arch

A small appliance cemented in place in the roof of your mouth to help hold the back teeth in the correct position during orthodontic treatment.