After  your  braces  are  removed,  the  ‘active’  phase  of  orthodontic  treatment  is  finished.  It  is  important to realize however that this is not the end. Your orthodontist will have discussed with you the importance of your role in the ‘retention’ phase of orthodontic treatment before you had your braces placed. Wearing retainers after braces are removed is important because once braces are removed, your teeth may move or relapse towards their original (crooked) position. This is due to the elastic fibres in the gums surrounding the teeth acting like small rubber bands pulling on the teeth, in addition to natural movement of teeth that occurs as we age, regardless of whether we have had orthodontic treatment or not. Retainers help to hold the teeth in their new positions while the surrounding gums and bone adapt.

It is extremely important that you wear your retainers according to the instructions we give you when your braces are removed. Failure to do so will result in unwanted tooth movement and a change in your  beautiful  new  smile.  Retainers  can  consist  of  a  combination  of  removable  plates  and  fixed  wires on the side of the teeth.