How do I clean my teeth while in braces?

It is important to clean your teeth with a toothbrush three times daily while you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. We will also provide you with small “bottlebrushes” to clean underneath the wires of your braces. It is important that  you  use  your  bottlebrush  once  everyday  to  prevent  food  and  plaque accumulating on your teeth. If food and plaque are left on your teeth, bacteria in your mouth can use this as a food source to make acid which attacks your teeth around the braces and can leave unsightly permanent marks on your teeth, and swelling of your gums. Our team will demonstrate how to clean your teeth properly  and  use  bottlebrushes  when  your  braces  are  fitted.

Foods and drinks to avoid while in braces

Because the glue we use to bond the braces to your teeth is a temporary glue, eating certain foods can damage your braces. It is important to avoid any hard, sticky  or  chewy  foods  while  you  are  undergoing  orthodontic  treatment.  In addition to this, high sugary foods and drinks, and all fizzy drinks should be avoided to prevent the development of tooth decay.

Wearing elastics

During  orthodontic treatment we may ask you to wear elastic bands which connect to your braces. Elastic bands act like petrol in a car – without them things stop moving. It is important to wear your elastics as we instruct you and change them twice daily. Failure to wear elastic bands as instructed will result in an increase in your treatment time. If you are ever unsure about how to wear your elastics, please contact our practice for further instruction. We will provide you with the elastics you need at no extra charge, but please remember to call in to the practice to collect more if you are running low before you run out!

What to do if something feels loose of broken

If you notice that something feels loose or broken,  please  contact  our  practice and arrange an appointment to have this checked or repaired. Please do not wait until  your  next  scheduled  appointment  as  failure  to  repair  broken  braces  may sometimes result in extended treatment time.

Can I still play sport while I’m wearing braces?

In  most  cases,  having  orthodontic  treatment does not impact on your ability to play sport in any way. We recommend however that a mouthguard is worn over top of the braces during any sports or activities where there is a risk of being knocked  in  the  mouth  or  face.  Our  orthodontists  are  able  to  customize  a mouthguard for you to wear overtop of your braces.

Should I see my dentist while in braces?

Yes! It is very important that you continue to see your dentist or school dental therapist  while  you  are  undergoing  orthodontic  treatment.  Your  dentist  or school dental therapist is the person who will conduct routine dental check-­ups and provide any required dental treatment.