Should  you  have  any  problems  during  orthodontic  treatment,  please  contact  our  practice  to  seek advice on what to do. It is important that if something feels loose or a bracket comes off, you contact us to arrange to have it repaired before your next scheduled appointment. We have separate appointments to repair broken or loose brackets as there is not always time at your scheduled visits to do this. In addition, leaving brackets loose will delay your orthodontic treatment.

Loose bracket/band

Sometimes a bracket or band may come loose during treatment. This is usually due to eating something that is too hard or sticky while braces are on. When a bracket or band becomes detached from the tooth, the tooth is able to move away from the brace which may result in prolonged treatment if left untreated, and there is a risk of food trapping underneath a loose band which may lead to tooth decay. If you notice a bracket or band has come loose, please contact our practice to arrange an appointment to have this repaired. Do not wait until your next scheduled appointment to have the bracket or band repaired, as there is not always sufficient time at your scheduled appointment to repair breakages.

Loose, broken or poking wire

If you notice a wire is loose or broken, please contact our practice to arrange an appointment to have the wire replaced. Occasionally as teeth straighten, excess wire may protrude from the back of the brace on the last tooth, or a small ligature wire may untuck and become uncomfortable. We will provide you with wax  to  use  for  poking  wires  in  the  first  instance.  If  wax  does  not  solve  the problem,  please  contact  our  practice  to  arrange  an  appointment  to  have  the wire seen to.

Lost o-ring (colour)

Occasionally a small elastic o-­ring (coloured module) around the brace may come off  during  treatment.  If  this  happens,  the  bracket  and  wire  are  no  longer engaged and the tooth may move in an unwanted direction. If you notice an o-­ring has come off during treatment, please contact our practice to arrange an appointment to have the o-­ring  replaced. Do not wait until your next scheduled appointment as unwanted tooth movement can lengthen treatment.

Trauma or accident involving teeth

Occasionally  during  orthodontic  treatment, patients may be involved in an accident  which  injures  their  teeth  or  mouth.  If  this  occurs,  please  see  your dentist as soon as possible to have your teeth assessed for any damage to the teeth, roots, gums and supporting bone. Your dentist will be able to take x-­rays to assess any injuries and should arrange follow-­up appointments to assess whether the injury has had any effect on the health of your teeth in the long-­term. If necessary, your dentist will register the injury with ACC. Please always let us  know  if  you  have  sustained  any  trauma  to  your  teeth  before  or  during orthodontic treatment.