Initial consultation

Your very first visit with us is an interesting and informative appointment. One of our orthodontists will discuss with you your reasons for seeking an orthodontic appointment and any concerns you may have with your teeth and/or bite. The orthodontist will conduct a detailed clinical examination of your face, jaws, teeth and occlusion (bite), and advise you of their findings. The orthodontists will discuss possible orthodontic treatment options and timeframes for treatment. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about  orthodontic  treatment.  Many  patients  will  then  go  on  to  have  records  taken  (see below)  to  help  the  orthodontic  plan  the  best  treatment  plan  for  each  individual  patient. Sometimes the timing for treatment may not be suitable, and if this is the case, the orthodontist will discuss this with you and arrange a time to review your teeth at a recall appointment in the future. There is no charge for a recall appointment at a later date, it is simply a way of monitoring your growth, dental development and any specific areas of concern.


Diagnostic records are required to allow our orthodontists to study your teeth and bite in detail without you having to have multiple appointments with them. This allows them to diagnose all orthodontic problems and customize an orthodontic treatment plan unique to every patient. Records consist of photographs, x-­rays and impressions of your teeth to make plaster casts called study models. The  records,  in  addition  to  the  clinical  examination  will  be  used  by  the  orthodontist  to create your treatment plan. The orthodontist will use your records to discuss their findings and treatment plan with you at the pre-­treatment consultation appointment.

Pre-­treatment consultation

All of our patients have a pre-­treatment consultation appointment before beginning orthodontic treatment with us. At this appointment we will discuss in detail any problems that have been detected with the jaws, teeth and bite, and outline our recommended treatment options. Information about orthodontic treatment will be discussed, and an estimated treatment time will be given. Information about treatment costs and payment options will be discussed at this visit. You will be provided with a treatment letter which outlines all of the information discussed at the pre-­treatment consultation appointment.